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L200 Turning Circle mods
L200 3" Body Lift - Instructions
L200 3" Body Lift - Pictures - Page 1
L200 3" Body Lift - Pictures - Page 2
L200 3" Body Lift - Pictures - Page 3
L200 3" Body Lift - Pictures - Page 4
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Welcome to the wacky world of Condorman, his L200 and other experiences.
Here you'll find various pictures and info about the work that Mark has done to his truck.

Click on the links to the left to navigate to the various projects undertaken by the man himself.

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Please come back soon to see what else has developed.

A complete disclaimer - these ideas, instructions, guides etc... are completely my own and I cannot accept any responsibilty for anything you might try at home.
This is stuff I've done myself and as always you should check things out for yourselves.
But above all - always remember to make sure you check the relevant equipment and safety instructions or recommendations and safe working practices.  As stateed - these are all mine and if you copy me, I cannot accept any liability whatsoever.

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