Dutton Melos. M4892
Sorting out what bit's we've got
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Sorting out what bit's we've got
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24th December 2007

We spent a couple of hours this morning sorting through all the bits and bobs that came with the car.

Quite a lot of it needs repair or restoration work and some of it just needs replacing.

Some pictures of the parts we have can be seen in the

Original Parts Album

We also took some more pictures of various parts of the chassis and running gear, see below.

front ns suspension.JPG
Nearside front

steering rack.JPG
Steering rack

Underside ns front
underside ns front.JPG
Underside ns front

underside from the front.JPG
underside from the front

os rear rear hanger.JPG
os rear spring rear hanger

front ns suspension 2.JPG
Nearside front

cockpit front.JPG
Cockpit front

ns underside looking forwards.JPG
ns underside looking forward

underside from the rear.JPG
underside from the rear

ns rear suspension and axle

front os suspension.JPG
Offside front

fuel tank.JPG
Fuel tank

ns underside look rearwards.JPG
ns underside looking rearwards

os rear spring front hanger.JPG
os rear spring front hanger

os rear suspension and axle

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