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Evolution 3
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Other bits added are :
three way front indicators/sidelights/foglamp units to replace the standard indicator/side light units,
ultra bright headlamp bulbs and side light bulbs (not that they've improved the poor refelctive ability of the headlamps) the big spots get used as main beam now,
rear Lexus style lamps with stainless guards
and a clear rear brake lamp.


I do quite a lot of towing with the truck and found it a bit jerky due to the heavy rear suspension, so to try and smooth it out a bit I've fitted a Shocklink II tow hitch.  This is basically a tow hitch with it's own built in suspension.  It does work.  Towing my caravan or car trailer is a much better ride now.  I just have to remember to take it all off when off roading.  (Also tie the electric socket up underneath the back of the pick up bed, to keep them out of harms way !!).


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